Who we are

Llama Mama Good Farm is a farm dedicated to promoting wellness and healing to people with cancer and other chronic illnesses by providing them with produce as alternative medicine through nutrition.

What we're all about

We sell baskets of pesticide-free, freshly picked vegetables and herbs to those looking for clean, healthy food in the area. 100% of these profits go directly back into the farm and towards our donation baskets for people currently suffering from autoimmune diseases. We firmly believe that nutrition can heal! 

Inspired by natural treatments like the Gerson Therapy, we aim to help your body heal itself. When the immune system is naturally boosted, our bodies can gain extraordinary healing powers. Llama Mama Good Farm is founded in this notion, and hopes to serve as your stepping off point to a healthy recovery or simply a revitalizing cleanse to your diet. After all, in order to get the bad stuff out, we need to put the good stuff in!

C0-Founder / Director

Victoria Masters grew up on this farm. Over the past nine years, she has pursued a love for the creative world, working as an art director and photographer in Brooklyn, New Yorkโ€”always just a weekend trip away from her roots in Central New Jersey. Although her primary role with LMGF is the marketing and logistical side of things, she still likes to get her hands dirty every chance she gets. This passion stems from a unique gratitude for having been raised in a holistic household that values hard work and a DIY ethic. The farm is her oasis.


Co-Founder / Farm Operater

Linda Masters began work on the property with husband Wayne Masters over 30 years ago. Her farming mentality had taken shape a few years earlier when living in upstate New York, where she first raised sheep and goats to provide a substitute for cow's milk as her son was allergic. Since then she has cared for ducks, chickens, sheep, llamas and emus in addition to maintaining an incredibly enriched soil garden with the help of Wayne's special "llama tea." Both steadfast believers in living off the land, and with a shared aversion to sitting still, they embrace farm life and all its benefits every day.