Raw Crackers made from Juicer pulp!

I always wanted to try and reuse all the pulp that was left behind after juicing -to feel less wasteful. Well after experimenting with a raw diet a few months back, I looked up a recipe that would help me curb my cravings for bread/wraps and came across raw crackers...made with juice pulp!!! 2 problems solved with one solution! I have been in heaven ever since.

These crackers are delicious served with hummus, homemade pesto, or slices of avocado (my favorite) and can also be used as a wrap if cut into bigger pieces before dehydrating. You save some BIG MONEY making this at home as well - these can cost a pretty penny in any food specialty store.

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First - select your veggies to juice with. What you choose to drink will affect how your crackers turn out. I like to stick to sweeter veggies and fruits but have also added kale and herbs (all delicious). I used carrots, apples, oranges, lemons, celery and ginger.

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Sort through your pulp and remove any seeds or undesirable pieces. Add 1 cup of flaxmeal flour or chia bran (I used a combination of both) and desired spices. I use himalayan sea salt, white pepper, cayenne, cumin and tumeric). Be generous with your seasonings as they really help flavor the cracker. Incorporate 1 cup of water and mix all together.

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Put mixed ingredients in the food processor in small batches and process  until consistency is fine. (There can be some small chunks - it won't make a huge difference). Spread out on cookie sheet or Teflon sheet and spread evenly. You most likely can get about 2 trays worth out of these. Score the sheet with your knife into small squares - this will help alot later in separating them.

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Dehydrate in your dehydrator or oven  (mine has a setting) for about 8 hours. About 4 hours in flip over so the other side has a chance to get evenly dehydrated. (I dont know if you need to do this if you have a dehydrator, but in my oven I found this works wonderfully).

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After they are done, you should be able to pull them apart pretty easily. Store them in a plastic bag in your fridge and enjoy!