Donation Baskets

This is our third year providing donation baskets for those suffering from autoimmune diseases and chronic illnesses. We offer weekly baskets, similar to our CSA baskets, to those looking to heal themselves holistically and naturally through their diets. These baskets are a gift and therefore 100% free. We are also willing to work with your specific diets, so if you are avoiding nightshades or tomatoes for example, we will substitute for other vegetables that may be available.

If you feel that you may qualify to be a part of this program, fill out an application and send to These baskets are pickup only. We ask that you live within 20 miles of Old Bridge, NJ for convenience.

This is why our farm exists. It is the heart of Llama Mama Good Farm and what we care about most. Please be honest with your answers and attach any medical information you wish to provide.

Support this Program

We get a lot of requests from people who want to donate more than just purchasing a basket. This program is supported by our CSA members and anyone else who purchases produce from the farm. If you are unable to buy produce but still want to help support this program, please feel free to gift what you can by clicking the PayPal button below. We do not have a 501-c3 but we CAN PROMISE your gift will go directly to supporting this program.

Thanks for all your support!!!